closing out 2016



2016 was nothing short of entertaining. We began by announcing the launch of Nadi X at CES in Vegas last January - and its been full speed ever since. Along the way, we launched Fan Jersey at Super Bowl, the EU version at the Cannes Lions, and managed to headline dozens of events worldwide.

As we come to a close, the year couldn't end any better: We are thrilled to be launching Nadi X for pre-sale in 2017. As an Xperimenter, you are the touchstone of our company, and we want to hear from you. What poses do you find most difficult? What sizes would you like to see? Drop us a line and let us know; your input will help shape what we share with you for the next year - and beyond. 


These last couple of months have been event-ful, to say the least.

Earlier this month, Wearable X CEO Billie Whitehouse presented at WGSN Futures. With the focus on the evolution of retail for a new generation, this panel featured some of the most renowned names in design - and we were thrilled to be a part of it. The need for a retail experience that adapts seamlessly with our lifestyles and evolves with us is more important than ever, and with that comes the need for smart design.  

We also had the opportunity to present at Elevate NYC, presented by Fortune Magazine & IBM. The panel centered on discussion around forward thinking design, and what it means to be in a society that's "data driven". Wearable X is founded on the pillar that data should not be the central purpose behind apparel - rather, we believe in learning how to use technology to connect deeper with eachother and ourselves.  As tech evolves into a more ubiquitous presence in our everyday lives, designers must work harder to understand how to create efficiency without disruption. Most importantly, this must be done with a sense of humor. The language we create for the body goes beyond software and data; it's about creating a heightened sense of connection. 

To support this notion, brands must re-think the way they're connecting with their audience. At 4A Create Tech, we joined a panel to discuss just that - and how innovation in tech is changing the landscape of advertising. How are we reaching people beyond the traditional mediums of two dimensional messaging? The necessity for brands to resonate with their audiences in new and unprecedented ways is crucial, and that affects the design in communication. We spoke about translating that connection through touch and apparel, lifting the resonation beyond a two dimensional model. 

To round things out, we had a MAJOR "pinch-me" moment when we got to live out a dream and present at the New Yorker Tech Fest alongside some of the most brilliant minds in innovation. With a lineup that included Reed Hastings (CEO of Netflix), David Chang (Founder of Momofuku), and rap legend Nas, we triumphed the notion of creativity for the skin. What does it mean to create art not just for the eyes, but for our senses? And how do we use that data to empower us? As we explore the ideas of technology as a means to heighten our emotion and experiences, those are the central considerations for all designers and brands. This notion of technology as empowerment is the foundation going into 2017, and we can't wait to share what we have in store.