The summer of wearable technology and sensory design.

“The year has been nothing short of an emotional roller coaster. We have come to realise that our emotions are an enormous part of our design process. We design for them and with them. This may seem obvious, however our experiences of the last 3 months have taken us all over the world to discuss why sensory and emotional technology is so relevant not only to fashion and design but also to all aspects of our lives.” Billie Whitehouse, director & designer, Wearable Experiments

Wearable Experiments has been working on some serious manufacturing over the last three months. Our vision is to make technology invisibly integrated into our clothing. This allows for a seamless experience from the skin. Our future back mentality has allowed us to travel to Antwerp in Belgium to present for Retail Detail and the Belgian Fashion Congress. Billie Whitehouse was interviewed inside The Loop, the future of retail; looping from in home experiences to in store and mobile e-commerce. Kanaal Z interviewed Billie on Belgian TV after her presentation to the major players in Belgium’s fashion capital.

Cannes Lions 2015 saw Wearable Experiments on stage at Le Palais with Emily Baltz, artists and sensory story teller, and Sophie Kelly, CEO of The Barbarian Group. They shared their tips and insights into stretching creativity. 1) talk to strangers 2) do something awkward everyday 3) watch people 4) be insatiably curious 5) go to bed with dead people (aka books) 6) LOVE the people you are designing for 7) If by the time you release you are no longer embarrassed by the product, you waited to long!

Forbes was kind enough to include us in their key learnings from Cannes Lions 2015.

We have been getting out of our creative comfort zones! And we have just released a new product.

The NL Fan Jersey is for the Ladies Rugby 7’s. This was showcased at Cannes connected Athlete panel at the Carlton. It is the latest in sports technology that goes beyond quantification and into entertainment in the fourth dimension. The emotions and action of the game is replicated into the chest of the fan jersey through haptic feedback motors. The remote connection is powered by Bluetooth Low Energy that communicates with the custom software.

Where: The shirts will be showcased in The Hague at The Store of The Future in collaboration with Q and A Research and EY commencing June 23rd.

“We believe this is the future of sports entertainment. And so we believe this should be a part of the store of the future.”. Frank Quix

photo 3.JPG

This collaboration is important for female sport, with the rise of female empowerment comes the celebration of technology and emotions. This technology is about the emotional connection between sports athletes and fans. “Sports are emotional, we created The NL Fan Jersey for the ladies rugby 7’s team to affect your emotional experience of the game. This is achieved through designing the experience for your senses. Sensory experiences are the future of sports entertainment.” Billie Whitehouse Director & Designer, Wearable Experiments.

Billie presented a keynote to Microsoft in a private event that overlooked the bay of Cannes. Wearable Experiments have been working towards building a community around mindful technologies that go beyond quantification and into augmented experiences. 

 PS Swan goals being met at R29 Villa!

PS Swan goals being met at R29 Villa!