2015 Hey Whats Up!

The time for wearable technology and brands is now!

This is the year of Wearable Technology and finally the brands are on board. Levi's and Google, Tory Burch and FitBit, Rebecca Minkoff, Tag Heuer and Android,  only validates what the New York Times said about Wearable Experiments. 


2015 has been running full steam ahead.

Behind close doors we can tell you that we are in the middle of a production run for one of our biggest clients. We are making our electronics thinner, softer, smaller and more easy to use than ever before. We are constantly working towards making our electronics invisible inside our garments.


While managing these production runs we have managed a few different lines of work and promotion.

In February we hosted a workshop at Stanford's D.School for the TEI Conference.

The “students” were the likes of Intel, Samsung and Google. It is such a pleasure to present on the importance of design to companies leading the way.

Innovation across fashion, beauty, lifestyle and sports is our expertise. We hosted the Future of Beauty with Refinery 29 for the Neutrogena Innovation Summit. We included companies such as FaceCake, Samsung, Microneedles, Illumask and iGrow. Refinery 29 are working closely with our team in New York to elevate the voice of Wearable Experiments to millennials.


I presented in front of 500 people at the Brite Conference at Columbia University. Post the presentation Forbes Magazine compared We:ex to Steve Jobs and Jerry Seinfeld. “Serenity Now!!!”

I spoke before Steve Wozniac at the WorldWebForum in Zurich. Where we met with Hugo Boss, FIFA, Cisco, Synergy and Densu Aegis about how to build the Alert Shirt for Soccer, Rugby and the Olympics.

At SXSW we presented on the future of textiles with Outlier’s Abe Burmeister, Rebecca Pailes-Friedman from Pratt Institute and Colin Nagy from Barbarian Group. Softness and drape are the most important parts of designing with electronics. We are excited about the future of these industries combining. Entrepreneur mag summed up our panel here.


We also discussed data, sports, health and fitness with Visa, Under Armour and My Fitness Pal. In March we presented on the future of fan engagement at the Business of Sports Conference.

In other events…

In April we hosted a wearable technology workshop with PSFK. See details here.

In May we journeyed to Miami's Emerge Americas, to San Francisco for the Event Marketers Conference and to Amsterdam to work closely with the Female Netherlands Rugby Team.

This June we will be presenting at the Cannes Lions with Barbarian Group and many more exciting stories to come...