New York Fashion Week

During this past Fashion Week, we teamed up with QDesigns and Kovert Design and organized a gathering/conversation around wearable tech for the NY fashion and tech community. The three companies collaborated because we belief in the same design philosophy: making technology invisible, and its experience as human as possible. 



We'd like to thank our wonderful sponsors at WeWork, SVEDKA, and Rekorderlig USA for making the event possible.

Last Wednesday, we showcased the Alert Shirt and Navigate at the Zero Power Smart Fashion exhibit and symposium. We saw many exciting works in the WT space, including wearable devices that harness electricity from body heat and research on the process of dyeing battery into fabrics, making our body a power generator and our clothing a capacitor. Even though it will still take some time for these technologies to be consumer ready and be built into a meaningful experience, we are excited to see what's ahead. 

From here on out, we will only be seeing more technology at future Fashion Weeks. The two industries will have to embrace each other more than ever now. The tech gadgets will need to get in touch with aesthetics and people's emotions to win the hearts of fashion conscious consumer. And design companies will need to figure out their role in the tech ecosystem.

That being said, the Apple Watch has taken a giant attempt to marry fashion and technology. Regardless of the mixed opinion toward Apple Watch, the tech giant has become the host of the arm party. In short it is simply a better watch than most available in that range and allows for a lot of flexibility. The UX, social games and basic car/home/office interactions will of course be the best in show.

Fashion Week may be over, but the time for wearable technology is just getting started.