SXSW 2014

As seen in Oyster Mag

This is our first time to SXSW and first time to Texas. We were invited to speak on a panel called 'Tech Off Your Clothes – The Naked Truth About Wearables.' There is nothing like the amazing amount of diversity that can be found on the streets in Austin during SXSW. Everything from half-naked performers to 3D printed Oreos and old school Texan BBQ. 

The reason to come to SXSW for us (apart from the amazing opportunity to present the new products from Wearable Experiments) was for the people that you connect with while in Austin. Below is Sarah Kunst in custom Texas print skirt and plaid shirt at the Driskill Hotel.

SXSW Interactive, Film and Music programs all cross over at many points. The music performers are the best in the world and it (almost) isn't surprising when you accidentally brush past Lady Gaga.

The best way to get around SXSW is the Pedicab service. My feet were blister-filled from running to and from speakers at different ends of Austin. "One pedicab, one selfie, one unicorn". 

The first few days of the interactive festival were jam packed full of amazing people, parties and then there was the rain. Billie would have complained more however she found this Maison Michel PVC hood at the Refinery 29 party sponsored by Kate Spade and it totally changed her attitude to the rain.

5 - PVC Hood.jpg

The interactive festival is not just for loveable nerds. They built an interactive discotecha! What does that mean? It means that the floor plays music to the beat of your step.

The music is on rotation so it is not playing the same jams over and over again! Here Billie is learning how to play the floor!

Sunday brunch during SXSW is a big event. We attended the Crowd Tilt Brunch, the Glam Ladies Brunch and squeezed in an interview with Radio France. I loved these nails and claw rings by a fellow design entrepreneur at the GLAM brunch.

This Sunday was super entertaining. There wasn't one person who wasn't enjoying themselves in the streets of Austin! Gotta love some USA paraphernalia. Gesche Wai-Yi Haas celebrating life and female entrepreneurs at SXSW!

The Havas Panties Party was a highlight of all the parties we attended. Not just because we displayed our Fundawear live. But also the opportunity to have the models 3D scanned! I can't wait to have the 3D model from SHAPEWAYS of the Fundies on Eugenia and Steven. I love collaborating with the 3D community.

Monday 9:30am (a rude time for a panel called Tech Off Your Clothes, if you ask us). We discussed how to make wearables that are designed for comfort, elegance and simplicity. We posed questions like; would you rather a jacket designed by Zuckerberg or fitness trackers by Lagerfeld? And do you really want your knickers hacked? And who owns the data around how sexually active you are?

The premise behind FUNDAWEAR is to bring you closer to your partner when you can't physically be there. Yes, Billie is trying to teach Eugenia how to use the App. Talk about MAWKWARD! (Modern & awkward)

During the week in Austin we also launched the Men's Navigate Jacket. We use tactile communication to allow users to travel map free around a city. Ben Moir was photographed wearing the Jacket for Fleishman Hillard.

We left Austin just before the tragic accident where the driver drove into a crowd of people. Although Austin is filled with sensational culture, art and energy it is always important to be careful, no matter where you are.

At SXSW you need to keep your eyes peeled for all sorts of animal. 

The Austin Amber beer certainly went down a treat after we launched yet another product at SXSW on our last night.

While sitting at a bar in Austin we got the go ahead to release the information about the Foxtel Alert Shirt that we created in collaboration with CHE Proximity. I definitely needed a beer and a digital detox after this week.