Where do you wear your WEARABLE TECHNOLOGY?

If you own wearable technology.... is it a activity tracker that inhabits your wrist?

Last week during all the madness of SXSW we launched a new sports tech product.

It is not an activity tracker. Although we saw a plethora of these in Austin, some which are quite spectacular.

We have collaborated with FOX FOOTY & CHE Proximity to create the ALERT SHIRT!

The Alert Shirt is the ultimate fan jersey. You can now connect with your favourite AFL (Australian Football League) teams physically, emotionally and mentally all with real-time sports data!

Sports have never been more physical “The good thing about this is people at home will be able to feel the impact of what players feel on the ground’”, said Luke Hodge, Hawthorn Football Club Captain

CHE introduced We:eX to the captains of the AFL clubs so that we could test out our wearable tech products for real. (Swooooooon!!!)


The FOXTEL Alert Shirt allows you to feel these extremes while watching AFL:

BAM!!! - Impact: the shock of a big hit when players collide

POW!!! - Pressure: a thumping heart whenever the game is on the line

ARGH!!! - Exhaustion: lungs burning every time your team puts in a hard effort

Badaboom!!!! - Adrenalin: a rush of blood when your team is on the up

Eeyouch!!!! - Despair: the sinking feeling of every costly mistake


We have built this language around the experiences in the game. This is transmitted via a Bluetooth module built into the electronics inside the shirt and communicates with the companion smartphone app.

This is just the beginning of the wearable technology market. Wearable Experiments turned this project around in a teeny tiny time frame. We work hard and fast and for the love of the future.

Get your Alert Shirt HERE


Behind the scenes.