From Paris to Hong Kong to New York

"We know that in September, we will wander through the warm winds of summer's wreckage. We will welcome summer's ghost." Henry Rollins

In the past few weeks, in the wake of Summer, Co-Founder & Designer Billie Whitehouse has travelled throughout Europe. In Amsterdam Billie presented at the Retailer Of The Year Award, Netherlands. The global community of designers and technologists alike understand how the future of retail will be changed by this emerging industry. 

Ykone invited Billie to speak at the Flow Conference during Paris Fashion Week, to talk about what it mean to design for humans in a digital age. This luxury conference put Wearable Experiments on the stage next to speakers from Marc Jacobs, Paule Ka, Chopard and Porter Magazine.

The Navigate Jacket was also featured in the Connected Objects Magazine. The full page spread of the "Sydney Navigate" was a pleasant surprise to Billie.

Ben Moir, Co-Founder and Technology Director spoke at TEDx Macquarie University Event, telling the story of our journey since the beginning of Wearable Experiments. 

His journey took then took him to Hong Kong, where he was invited as the keynote speaker for Cyberport's "The Billion Dollar Wearable Technology Industry" speaker series, and gave a special 1-hour presentation. Ben also got caught in the middle of the Occupy protests. Although getting around the city was tougher, Ben got the chance to observe and mingle with the locals. 

Back in New York, Stanley He our presented at SeatGeek's On Deck Conference, an event focused on technology in the sports industry. This opportunity was special to Stanley because it was the first time he presents in front of the crowd after graduating from college.

During the presentation, Stanley shared his experience as a sports fan and as an athlete. He expressed his amazement on how sports have the power to bring people close together, and shared the many lessons he learned about people and teamwork through sports practice that transcended into his career life. His presentation was a hit with several conference panelists.

We are honored and grateful to be recognized by many people and given the chance to tell our stories. And behind each opportunity we get to present on stage, there are countless all-nighters and hard work. September was a great time to travel. But for October, we must get back to the hustle.