The 5 stages of Vegas - CES 2014

Like the 5 stages of grieving, CES in Vegas is the same emotional roller coaster. 



These people are not my people. Regardless of being in the wearable technology space (Hardware is the new software), I am not a technologist. I am a designer and let me tell you CES 2014 is lacking some design. Hold that thought, VEGAS is lacking some design. It is a weird place that promises magic and when you scratch the surface it is nothing but Valium and Velcro.



This is meant to be the showcase of the future of electronics. Not what other wrist candy can we call “wearable tech”. The abundance of activity trackers/ fitness monitors would make anyone want to consume their weight in doughnuts to avoid trying to differentiate one device from another. Real wearable devices will be intuitive to the daily routines of a human. Not yet another device that distracts you from living your life.

Anger 2.0 - There are so many people that you can't move, see or breath. CASINO's are horrendous and dirty.

Anger 3.0 - LED overload, yes adding accelerometers to your LED garments is interesting but what does it do for me other than instigate epileptic fits?



Vegas turns out to be cooler than you think during CES. The highlight was definitely meeting the CEO of a major publishing house, who admitted to me that if he were my age he would do things differently. Instead of taking the commercial corporate route, he would be a creative entrepreneur and work for himself. VEGAS turns out to have people who have integrity… who da thunk it?


Waking up every morning even after having an early night with bloodshot eyes! Realising that regardless how hard you try, everyone always looks hung-over in Vegas. Did I mention that I decided the 8 am flight out was a good idea!


CES really is geeks and freaks week. And I guess that makes us one or both of those things.


 NAVIGATE & FUNDAWEAR featured in FashionWare (CES 2014)

NAVIGATE & FUNDAWEAR featured in FashionWare (CES 2014)

3D printed shoes - extremely difficult to walk in!

Until next year!



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Muse by Interaxon