Wearable Technologies Conference SF

When the Germans (WT) come to town they invite a plethora of technology companies to present on what the future holds for wearable tech! The future is wearable tech - the ways to remove the inefficiencies in our lives.

Everything from projections from a chip device in your contact lenses to health and fitness monitoring, and of course we presented Fundawear! Or Fundies = Fun-Undies!

John Dwyer of the main sponsor Flextronics made our lives easy with flexible, waterproof and all round amazing electronics. 

Robin Duke-Woolley and Jon Howes from Beecham Research then presented the new Wearable Technologies report, which highlighted the importance of wearable tech in FARSHEN! Hooray.

The Smarter Living on a Smarter Planet session dealt with how we can use technologies to help us and our planet, and featured sponsors of the WT Innovation World Cup. Volker Prüller, Texas Instruments claimed for example, that higher energy conservation awareness as well as legislation drives the creation of new standards like SEP2.0 and Econnect and showed the TI SensorTag, an SDK available to contestants of the WT Innovation World Cup.


And this was only in the first 5 minutes... 

More to come from San Francisco, PS did you see we were in The Chronicle