A new fashion must-have item, the NAVIGATE jacket will take centre stage in-front of 8000 attendees at Apps World Europe in London this October.

Following months of research and development, Wearable Experiments has invented a new way of enjoying a city, completely hands free. No need to be hunched over a map or mobile device, at one press of a button your jacket can take you there.

The NAVIGATE Jacket helps the user find their destination using integrated LED lighting and haptic feedback. The companion app stores destinations and uploads the directions to the jacket with built in GPS. Then the user can walk unimpeded with instructions being visualised on the sleeves of their jacket

Stylishly designed with NAVIGATE features tailored into the sleeve, the lights indicate how far to the next turn and the current stage of the journey. Vibrations alert the user when to turn and in which direction.

The technology built into the jacket is subtle and unobtrusive and most importantly, the design is appealing - it’s a fashion accessory not just a functional device, created for the retail explorer.