Lacey was born and raised in the small quaint town of Montauk, New York. She swears that the ocean surrounding her sparked her love affair of travel. She is a yoga studio owner and has taught yoga her own yoga retreats globally since 2016.

She is also a certified health coach and pilates instructor. 

Lacey spoke with us about her wellness routines as well as the future of Yoga with Nadi X. Continue reading below for all the juicy bits!


lacey x nadi x

Nadi X will help people feel comfortable in a class setting because they will have the

courage to practice,

knowing that they will be

silently guided in the right

direction the entire class.


It is like a private session.


I love that, and I think its the future of mat classes.

LD: I can see Nadi X being a life savor when it comes to yoga. I think that a large majority of people will skip their yoga class but because they fear not practicing the pose correctly, even if they are at a higher level in their practice. This is a real fear and it forces people to skip all together on this practice that could potentially save the connection between their mind and body. Nadi X will help those people feel comfortable in a class setting because they will have the courage to practice, knowing that they will be silently guided in the right direction the entire class. It is like a private session. I love that, and I think its the future of mat classes.

WX: Tell us about your daily wellness routine or tips/ simple practices anyone can implement to benefit their wellbeing?

LD: This is a great question, as I have recently found an awesome routine that works for me. I took part in a Shred 10 program (you can read more about it here

It focused on eliminating the toxic load on the body, while adding over 50 raw dehydrated fruits & veg in capsule form in the morning, plus two gluten free, dairy free shakes per day. There ctwere many other requirements for the program, like exercise, meditation, etc..

After the 10 day program, I lost weight, I gained control of my eating habits, and my skin cleared.

Since, I have pretty much adapted these practices into my daily life.

I never go a day without these capsules, or a shake. I love the simplicity of it, and knowing that I am flooding my body with quality nutrition before 8 AM. If you can implement the addition of incredible sourced fruits & vegetables, then the elimination of the toxic additives will come naturally. I no longer crave it.

I also will never go a day without some sort of meditation or exercise. This can be as easy as a walk, a little yoga, or some self practice reikii. The mind is just as important as the body and it is so important that it is treated as such.

Lastly, I set goals. And I begin immediately working towards them. Whether its personally, at work or at home. I have found that success lies in reaching your goals. And it feels incredible when you commit to a goal and you get there yourself. There is nothing more empowering or inspiring. 


You can read more on my story here:



Meet Xperimenter Georgina Pazcoguin, The Rogue Ballerina.

Altoona, PA born ballet soloist, Broadway dancer and a woman of many facets, Georgina is New York City Ballet’s first Asian American, let alone Filipina American woman, ever to be promoted to an upper tier.

We got Georgina & Nadi X together, because yoga is for everybody! So how exactly can Nadi X help dancers like Georgina? 

The Rogue Ballerina told us, "The stresses of Ballet on the body are many and I use the practice of yoga to not only calm the mind but also cross train my instrument to continue to hit the stage at 100% , Rogue Ballerina style! With Nadi X you can bring awareness to your form, which is exciting because it can help dancers achieve the benefits of yoga anywhere at anytime!!".





Georgina will be taking over our Instagram story on Thursday, September 28th & Saturday, September 30th.

Follow us @WEARABLEX to follow Georgina's day

Don't miss the opportunity to get a first hand insight into The Rogue Ballerina's routine, personally guided by the Georgina herself!



Xperimenter Hannah Faith Lord, a creative director + photographer with a passion for art & fashion, takes Nadi X to Joshua Tree National Park for a session and a little adventure.

See the series of photos by the talented photographer and hot yoga enthusiast followed by a few questions we asked her!


WX: Tell us a little about your wellness practices!

H.F.L: As far as wellness goes... Eating for me is specific only really during the week. I don't eat any meat and I don't ever buy dairy but I'll eat it out. I've tried to go completely vegan but it's hard to do that with how fast pace my life is so I just cut it out where I can.  I consume a lot of veggies and fruits to keep my energy up and use protein power, flax and chia seeds in my smoothies as well.

WX: What about workouts?

H.F.L: I usually work out every week morning for half an hour of circuit training mixed with some yoga.  Hot yoga is my favorite. I always leave feeling lighter and brighter (and sweaty as heckaz)!

WX: What do you think about Nadi X?

H.F.L: I want to be better at yoga and that is why I love Nadi X–it's like having your own personal yoga instructor with you at all times. Posture is a huge part of every yoga pose and it's hard to know when you're doing it wrong. Nadi X is definitely a game changer for the beginner yogis out there and even the legends. Maybe I'll start wearing Nadi X all day long so I'll have better posture in general life haha!



Mietta grew up amongst the rainforest in tropical far-north Queensland, Australia. She started dancing at three and ten years later moved to Melbourne to train at The Australian Ballet School.

Mietta’s theatre credits include The Lion King, The Phantom of the Opera, Velma in West Side Story, The Nutcracker with The Australian Ballet Dancers Company, and The Magic Flute with Opera Australia.

Mietta has had great success in the modelling industry, represented by Wilhelmina Models; she's been featured on various print campaigns and runway shows for brands such as Nike, Kenzo x H&M, Adidas, Macy’s, Moncler, Target, Tiffany & Co. & Under Armour. Her endeavours also extend into TV & Film having studied at The Howard Fine Acting Studio.

Being an accredited yoga instructor and a passionate surfer, Mietta loves to practice headstands and wheel poses out in the ocean on her stand up paddle board.

Mietta is currently living and working in NYC.

Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 1.49.23 PM.png

“Nadi X is truly something innovative in an ancient and wise practice. I did my yoga teacher training in Thailand and would have loved to take this product with me post learning so that I could deepen my practice no matter where I am in the world.”


1. What yoga practices would you recommend people to do for holidays like labor day?

MIETTA : I would recommend getting on your yoga mat at the start of the day, limbering up your body and calming your mind. If you’re practicing by yourself at home, your body will tell you what it needs, just put on some music, follow your intuition and flow!


2. How are you keeping your labor day holiday interesting and fun?

MIETTA : At this stage it looks like I’ll be in a dance rehearsal all day for a very exciting project (top secret at this stage though I’m sorry!)


3. For those who can't travel on Labor day, what are some activities to celebrate the day?

MIETTA : I would spend the day out in nature with friends - grab a picnic and your best buddies and head to the beach or park for a good dose of laughter and sunshine.




Thats right! We popped up! Our first Nadi X SoHo Pop Up Gallery took place from the 14th-16th of August 2017. It was great to have people come and play with Nadi X. We worked with our friends at Upton Belts at their store on 390 West Broadway along with our pop up partners, JLew bags and Vi earphones.

Retail with everything from Monday Morning Matcha to classes with Box + Flow and celebrity soul cycle instructors. Monday night was when we got down and dirty with "Socanomics", a unique workout that combines dance, cardio, total body calisthenics and Soca choreography, conducted by the amazing Selena Watkins. To give us a little more energy, each participant was supplied with a Dirty Lemon Lemon Energy drink. 


Tighten your Tushy Tuesday was hosted by Box + Flow instructor Gaby Machuca. Coconut Chips for all before and after class. On Tuesday night we had a panel hosted by Waverly Labs with Wellth Collective, Vi and Mission 360, topped off with Acroyoga. And of course, Cava Hummus, our panel night sponsor left us with unforgettable hummus-y experience.  

To tear our abs to pieces, we had VIA Barre + Wellness instructor Christie Hoyt, hosted by Mission 360 show us how its done. A big thank you to our sponsors! Sweaty and satisfied. 

Summer Sensations Trunk Show 07.26.17


Our bi-weekly trunk shows are always a great event for people to get to know Nadi X. We enjoyed light bites and drinks by Truly Spiked & Sparkling and La Colombe Coffee. It was a great night, and our Nadi lovers are growing by the numbers! Its always a pleasure hosting people at our studio. Contact us at to book an appointment!

Some of our wonderful guest feedback:

"It was really informative. Enjoyable experience. Made new friends"

"Great host, good drinks, cool product"

"Meeting fitness bloggers interested in the product. The staff members were engaging and trying on the product was awesome too" 

"Friendly and welcoming team, great venue, clear directions" 

Nadi X at The Rivington Penthouse

On the 2nd of August 2017, we partnered with Shop Drink Play, a nomadic fashion event where people can shop an assemblage of independent and local designers while drinking cocktails and jamming to music. The event took place at the Rivington Hotel Penthouse with 12 other vendors and 250 attendees who got to enjoy an amazing view of New York City. We  spread the Nadi X vibes and introduced activated yoga apparel to the all the Shop.Drink.Play-ers! 

Behind The Scenes of Nadi X

When entering one of the factories, you are first greeted with signs of what and how this particular building implements and improves on with their sustainable practices. There are no plastic bottles allowed! Glass bottles are used throughout the entire company and are refilled with clean water and recycled everyday. Recycling is everywhere, and each employee has access to properly dispose of their waste. Even if someone forgets, the garbages are sorted out at the end of the day.

Our factories takes care of each of their employees, providing transportation to and from work. Free food is available at all the cafeterias in case anyone forgot their lunch or is trying to save! For anyone who has to work really late, they provide housing service, and of course to and from transportation.  

Healthcare? You betcha! For everyone.

Education and training is always provided to help not only the whole company but the community.These factories are constantly helping rural communities throughout Sri Lanka. If there is an area that is in need, Our factories will bring work over there. They open whole factories there, providing sanitation, electricity, education and training!


Today marks a special day for us at Wearable X — it's our first year celebrating International Yoga Day with our newly launched Nadi X, the first line of activated yoga apparel that brings awareness to your form with embedded technology. 

We've have been incredibly lucky to work with some of the leading yoga instructors in the world to develop Nadi X, and they continue to teach us so much. In a recent workshop, we asked them to share what they felt was most special about Nadi X, and here’s what they had to say:

Aditi Shah 

“Learning proprioception - where your body is in space - is a valuable part of a yoga practice. Part of how this skill is developed is through hands-on, tactile adjustments. In group classes, I can't adjust every student in every posture. Nadi X is exciting because it offers the potential for students to learn their bodies on their own. I have been a part of this journey with Wearable X - testing everything from the fit of the clothes to the vibration sequences.”

Amy Guiliano

“As an instructor, I’m so excited to be involved in the development of Nadi X because yoga is about getting to know the small areas of your body that we sometimes forget to pay attention to. It's about using your whole body a little bit rather than one part of your body a lot! The gentle vibrations in Nadi X are revolutionary because it is the first product to support peoples practice in this way.”

Mietta Gornall

“Nadi X brings something truly innovative to an ancient and wise practice. I did my yoga teacher training in Thailand and would have loved to have had this product with me post learning so that I could deepen my practice during my travels.”


Feel the vibes and take your very own yoga instructor along with you anywhere you go, buy your Nadi X here


After months of preparation, we were thrilled to share the launch of Nadi X: the first activated yoga apparel with embedded technology. To celebrate, we hosted coastal launch events with hundreds of our Xperimenters, kicking off at NeueHouse Hollywood on May 31st and continuing onto NeueHouse NYC on June 1st.

Marked by rooftop yoga, good tunes & great vibes, the event gave guests a first opportunity to experience (and purchase) Nadi X. With over 800 guests in attendance, we brought together Xperimenters from all over the world to share this exciting time. Even if you couldn't make it, you can still get your hands on your very own Nadi X here

A SPECIAL thanks to our incredible sponsors who made this night a true sensory exploration: FIJI Water, Zico Coconut Water, CoCo & Co, Cava, Herradura, Jam & Ice, Harmless Harvest, Truly Spiked & Sparkling Water, Manduka, Unplug Mediation, CAP Beauty, Equinox, Holistic Hustler, Moon Juice, Perricone MD, Penta Water, Best Bar Service, Rekorderlig, Old Forester, & UrbanStems.

Let the good vibes flow!


The future of activated clothing has arrived with the launch of Nadi X, the first line of activated yoga wear that responds to the body. Join us for an incredible night of multi-sensory exploration featuring a rooftop yoga flow and an interactive discussion on tech and wellness.  Stay for light bites, cocktails and music - and be among the first to purchase Nadi X pants in person.


Let's be honest: We've all been guilty of Instagramming our food. And with Summer coming up, those glorious poolside cocktails give us all the more reason to pretti-fy our feeds. To help you get that perfect shot, we worked with Truly Spiked & Sparkling put together some quick tips on getting the ultimate Insta cocktail shot - even without a filter. 

GARNISHES - Take an ordinary drink and dress it up with colorful fruits or veggies. You can even freeze them to double as ice cubes! 

FLORALS - Think of snagging some dainty flowers or leaves (make sure they're edible) to dress around the ice. 

FABULOUS STRAWS - Find a bold or beautifully decorated straw to sip your creation. A black and white straw with a funky print can top off your cocktail with the perfect touch. 

And there you have it! An Instagrammable drink that's artfully delicious.  


On the weekend of April 28th, we hosted our very first Nadi X Retreat in Montauk at Gurney's, and it was nothing short of magical. Joined by some of our earliest Xperimenters, we celebrated an early reveal of Nadi X with three days of yoga, meditation, and fun. Naturally, we had ALL the feels and are incredibly thrilled to share the official release very soon. 

Thank you all for being on the journey; we couldn't have done it without you. A special thanks to our partners at Truly Sparkling Water, Lifeway and Juice Beauty.

For those that couldn't attend: Don't worry, we got your back. Remember to become part of the Xperimenter crew - we'll be revealing something HUGE soon that you can join in on. You won't want to miss it. 


You don't need to tell us twice to ditch the studio and head to the beach for our next yoga session. Besides getting the obvious benefits of an amazingly relaxing setting, the sand is a great way to practice those poses that require a little more balance. Read on to see our favorite yoga poses to try on the beach; bonus points if it's at sunset. 


Using the soft, pliable surface of the sand is a great way to practice balancing upright, especially when you can dig a small crevice to rest the crown of your head!


Practice this arm balancing posture with a firm grip in the sand, using the strength of your upper body to draw your knees as close into your underarms. 


The sand is great for anchoring your foot in and bringing your other leg to the inner thigh, as it provides leverage for your base of support. Let your tree grow!


Soft surfaces will make holding yourself up much easier, as all your concentration can be drawn to engaging your core, which is the most important part of this important pose. 


When it comes to centering our focus and destressing, meditation is our number one go-to. But did you know it actually has real benefits for your skin? 

Skin cells are constantly renewing themselves, and in doing so flourish when nutrition and stress levels are balanced. We've all experienced a less than amazing complexion when we're feeling especially overwhelmed, and it's no secret why. High levels of stress contribute to the onset of acne, wrinkles and dry skin. 

To manage this, wellness experts encourage daily meditation to promote healthy skin growth and cell renewal. Our bodies physically manifest our emotional and mental well-beings, so it's crucial to nourish ourselves from the inside out.  Create a soothing environment and engage your senses in calming tactile sensations like vibration, just like those found in Nadi X, and prepare to meditate to a calmer inside and out. 

So go ahead and add meditation to your daily beauty routine; both your mind and skin will reflect its amazing benefits! 




We all love a good cup of coffee in the morning, but did you know that that java can be used for more than waking you up? Coffee grounds have naturally aromatic and antioxidant properties that help revive your skin, and as it turns out, make excellent exfoliants. To help you create your own DIY scrub, we spoke with Bluestone Lane founder and wellness expert Alexandra Stone, who gave us her surefire recipe for incorporating coffee into your beauty routine. 


– Ground coffee

– Cinnamon (I have a BIG one at home from Bluestone)

– coconut oil 

– Salt (white salt is good)

– Sugar – see that this is palm sugar, it needs to be grainy, not castor or icing or white, and definitely not heavy rock sugar

– essential oils (I love orange, lavender, vanilla)

Mix all the above ingredients in a bowl, and rub the mixture onto your face in circular motions for 30 seconds. Rinse clean, and enjoy the afterglow! 



Just because you aren't able to take a ton of time to travel (hello jobs, we're looking at you), doesn't mean you can't make the most of a short getaway. Check out some ways to make a short few hours feel like a luxury jam-packed get away. 

TAKE THE CHOPPER - Depnding on where you live, taking a helicopter ride upstate can be the ultimate way to transport you to your destination. Luxury liners like Wings help make that happen, making the journey alone seem like a vacation unto itself. I mean... did we mention the Instagram pics you can get from this view? 

RETREAT YOURSELF - Find a luxury retreat in your area that accommodates your every need - from relaxation to wellness and everything in between. These all inclusive getaways make you feel like you're far away, especially when you're being catered to. If you're in the New York area, the Nadi X Retreat at Gurney's in the Hamptons is coming up - and we can guarantee you'll feel a million miles away right at home. 

FIND YOUR CITY OASIS - Sometimes all it takes is a simple change in surroundings to do the trick. Find a local yoga studio or meditation center with calm surroundings to plan your weekend around. For those in the NYC area, Skyting (which has an infared sauna) and WOOM are both relaxing and visually appealing options. A personal retreat can be a reality, even if its close to home.  


Let's face it: We can sometimes get a little carried away on vacation. Whether it's overeating, overdrinking, or over-anything - holidays have us feeling like taking a break from our normal routines. This is all well and good (and encouraged!), but it's important to remember to maintain the balance. 

We spoke with lifestyle maven Carrie Hammer, who gave us her list of go-to essentials for taking wellness on the road - and keeping our health regimens on point. 

Kingso Water Bottle  - This is perfect for keeping hydrated at all times (so essential). The temperature control is amazing, and it keeps drinks cold/hot all day long.  Plus, it LOOKS cute. 

Sun Bum Moisturizing Sunscreen (SPF 50) - It goes without saying that sunscreen is an absolute MUST. And nothing under 50! I highly recommend Sum Bum because it smells amazing and absorbs into skin without a greasy texture. 

Polarized Sunglasses - Polarized sunnies are essential for protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays. This includes shielding your delicate eye skin from the sun's harmful effects, as well as helping you see clearer. I personally love these Ray Ban aviators, which are perfect for summer. 

Eye Mask - New surroundings can sometimes be difficult to fall & stay asleep in, and as we all know, lack of sleep can take a toll on your mood and energy. Bring a sleep mask to help get a proper night's rest; I like this "Wake me for Champagne" one, which is always a good reason to get out of bed.  



Jamie Pabst knows first hand about music's healing powers. As a sound and music technologist, Jamie curates sound experiences for meditation and mindful living. "Music’s impact on our brain is very real.  I believe more people can (and should) benefit from a more holistic approach to the music they hear on a daily basis," she said.    

Deep, mindful listening practices can help us achieve a meditative state by not only calming our mind and body, but by also helping us bust through the mental junk that accumulates throughout our busy daily life.  "When we are able to successfully use music as a modality for meditation, we create 'peak experiences,' which enable us to perform at our best...mentally, physically and spiritually."

Jamie mentions that music selection for stress can be subjective, and what works for one person doesn't always work for another. "The truth is that it’s really all about your personal relationship to the type of music that resonates with you and the insights you are able to glean from listening to your own personal playlist."  Fortunately, there is a general checklist that can serve as a guide to selecting your own music that can help you down-regulate to achieve a state of calm, relaxation and focus in your desired state of meditation


  • Ambient tones

  • Drone notes

  • Reverb synth

  • Oceanic sounscapes

  • Nature sounds (water, birdsong, etc)

  • Gentle sounds of string instrumentation, piano, vocals, etc

"The general rule of thumb is to look for music that feels almost like you can float away, but with enough grounding sounds to keep you focused," said Jamie.  

Tune in with your tunes out and enjoy! 




For LA-based DJ Denise Hewitt, music has always been a key motivator in life. "It's been a tool in some of my brightest and darkest days. When I DJ, I like to take the audience on a journey and both educate as well as play some songs you know and love. I look at any playlist that way. You can't overthink it and you have to trust your ear." We like the sound of that.

Check out Denise's playlist below, and feel free to follow us on Spotify for more NadiX tunes coming your way.